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Window Covering Ideas - How to Choose Window Coverings and Treatments

Do you need ideas on how to choose window coverings for your home? Here you will fine a vast array of information and advice on deciding the right window treatments for your specific situation. Window covering ideas can range from person to person. Therefore, we recommend that you read about the various types of window treatments available to you and make the best decision based on information from various sources.

Window coverings and treatments serve as important decoration and functional parts of your home. In fact, coverings and treatments are just as important as your windows themselves and contribute to the majority of features and benefits that your windows can offer. Some of the key benefits of window coverings include the moderation of light and temperature, privacy control, noise insulation, and accentuating the view from your windows.

The primary function of windows is to provide natural light. However, the control of this natural light falls upon window treatments. To admit the maximum amount of light into a room, you want to choose window coverings that can be parted completely to reveal the windows. If you want to filter the sun's rays, you want to choose sheers, laces and casement fabrics. To block out light completely, you want to select curtains, draperies and shades lined with backout linings. Aluminum blinds and heavy roll up blinds also offer the same light blocking ability.

Window coverings also help to moderate temperature within your room. For maximum insulation, choose draperies and shades made from heavy fabrics. To take advantage of refreshing breezes, open your windows and part the drapes and shades or lift up the blinds completely.

Because windows allow others to look inside your home, coverings and treatments can help in adding privacy to your room. Translucent sheers and lightweight fabrics let in some light during the day while providing privacy. For maximum privacy, use heavy drapes and blinds that can be closed fully.

Noise control is also a feature of window treatments. Heavy draperies and shades offer the most absorption of noise from both outside and inside the home. Noise insulation makes your room warm and inviting without the echoing sounds that reflect off of bare windows.

If you have a great view from your windows, you will want to choose a fabric that repeats the color and patterns on the wall so that you don?ˇĄt distract the eyes from what is outside the window and beyond. Another way to accentuate a great panorama is to use a window covering that frames the window like a work of art. On the other hand, if the view from your windows is undesirable, you want to select bold colors and patterns for your window treatments to draw the eyes away from the outside. Another method to block out an unattractive view is to obscure the view with sheer or semisheer fabrics.

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